Astronomy - Training

This is a summary, in English, of the trainings we have developed from country to country, through Europe, Africa, America (from North to South), Asia, Australia. These trainings are intended for teachers and students. Throughout the trainings, examples taking into account the specificities of each country are added.

Nota bene : These training exercices requiere the use of files and images, that that can be downloaded here :

A presentation of the 10 topics that will follow, and a new subject to dig

For many countries the national flag is connected with astronomy: sun, moon, stars, southern cross and a single astrolabe. Here is the story of a few ones.

Inspired by the beautiful “azulejos” of Villa Fronteira in Lisbon, and free software Salsa J for image processing, let us go through the universe of Galileo (moon, sunspots, satellites of Jupiter) and reach the supernovae.

Inspired by a beautiful ara in Porto Alegre, and free software Salsa J for image processing, let us take a fresh look at the Universe (moon and planet, exoplanet, young and old galaxies, dark matter) .

How to detect by spectrometry, with Salsa J, a dwarf star or an exoplanet.

How to detect an exoplanet, with Salsa J, mixing stars photometries and differential methods.

Everything we’ve learned about galaxies since Van Gogh painted M 51 in his Starry Night, as a legacy for future generations. Redshift, central black hole, dark matter, dark energy.

The direction of the axis of the Earth changes slowly. The ancient Greeks observed it with the star Spica. Our Polaris star was not North Pole thousands years ago, we can observe and measure these precessions with Stellarium

The elliptic travel of a snail on Stellarium map, meeting history of mankind and astronomy : M 51 and Van Gogh in France, Calendar and more in Mesopotamia, Kocab as a ancient North Pole in Abu Dhabi, Pleiades for ancient cultures, and solstice celebrations with Mapuche people in Chile or music day in France.

A synoptic of the examples met above, surrounding some newcomers, supernovae and transits.

At school or at home, fun astronomy in 48 slides.

Here is a short report on the eclipse that occured in Chile, on July the 2nd, 2019.

500 th anniversary of the 1st trip around the world – G-HOU 2020  August 22nd-28th Online meeting

GHOU 2020 – August 28th 2020

Will humankind end up like dinosaurs? Maybe not with DART !

History and astronomy : SN 1054, was a God interfering on European civilization?